Organise | Tray | Various Sizes

Life is complex and full of things that all need their own place. Organise does what it says: It gives them that place – it organises.

Available in two sizes, small (A5) and large (A4). Each one is made of solid untreated oak and is held together by a single rubber band. It is made for organising your home and keeping your desk neat and tidy.

Like all other MOEBE designs, Organise is component based - made of four lists, a bottom and a rubber band.

This is part of their sustainable design approach, with products that are made to last but that should a part get damaged are easy to repair by replacing just that one part. Organise can easily be disassembled, separated in parts and recycled.

Material: Untreated Oak + Rubber Band

Dimension Options: Small (A5): H4.5cm x W25cm x D17cm | Large (A4): H4.5cm x W34cm x D25cm 


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