Layered is a Swedish brand focused on interior design, blending a modern and striking style with authentic artistry and eco-friendly materials. Drawing inspiration from various art movements, they present a fresh interpretation of traditional minimalism. Designs that embody Scandinavian sophistication with a contemporary twist.

With sustainable craftsmanship and 100% natural or recycled materials, the Layered  products are highly durable and designed to live long lives with minimal impact on our planet. Moving towards using 100% renewable energy, all sustainable packaging and low carbon transports. Read more about how the Layered sustainability plan is a key part of their ethos here.

Coming from the world of fashion, the Layered founder and creative director Malin Glemme has always explored the interplay of art, fashion and interior design. Layered pushes the boundaries through creative collaborations with influential, contemporary artists and designers, including sculptor Bella Rune, glass artist Åsa Jungelius and renowned Scandinavian interior designer Lotta Agaton.

Their story began when the founder Malin decided to make her own rug. Unable to find a sustainably produced premium rug. By simply designed her own rug and having it woven by an artisan hand-weaver in Bhadohi, India, known for its craftsmanship and authentic hand knotted rugs since the 16th century.

After being featured in a Swedish interior design magazine, there was an influx of customer requests: and Layered was born.