Gathering Japanese and Danish designers in one brand, Motarasu emphasises the design styles and traditions of these cultures. Both nations have long and proud design traditions and a lot in common when it comes to designing beautiful and functional furniture.

Selected to bring joy: Motarasu live by the philosophy that we should surround ourselves with beautiful, quality furniture and interior that is specially selected to bring joy.

Drawing inspiration from Japan's unique design and aesthetic influences, Motarasu was founded in Denmark in 2019 by Mikkel Zebitz. While other Danish designers have simply been inspired by Japan, Mikkel sought to break this trend by bringing together designers from both nations to collaborate on modern design.

“There is a clear common thread in the design style of Japan and Denmark, both nations focusing on the beauty of raw materials, quality and a simplistic philosophy. I wanted to establish a platform for designers from both countries to be able to inspire and be inspired by each other.” Mikkel Zebitz

Sharing so many values, especially. WHEN LESS IS MORE - we are proud to be working with and having Motarasu in our collective. Art and nature are the key elements in all Motarasu designs, resulting in poetic, tactile and functional objects and ultimately focusing on simplicity, premium materials and craftsmanship.