Wine Breather Carafe | Deluxe | Various Colours + Finishes

Designed by Norm Architects

With minimalist silhouettes and high functionality, the Bottle Collection is all about finding beauty in simple things. Introducing the Wine Breather Deluxe Carfe - an award-winning Audo Copenhagen bestseller.

Made from mouth-blown clear or smoked grey glass. The lid is made from deep-drawn stainless steel with PVD plating, with a lid is made from solar polished steel or solid brass, both will therefore darken and patinate over time.

Timeless and contemporary with streamlined forms. Open a bottle of wine, place Wine Breather over the bottleneck and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.

Dimensions: H21cm x Ø20cm | Vol. 1.4L

Composition: Mouth-blown glass bottle with solid brass or stainless steel lid trimmed with silicone. 

Packaging Type: Gift Box

Certification: Food safe + Dishwasher safe


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