• Wa | Salad Cutlery
  • Wa | Salad Cutlery
  • Wa | Salad Cutlery
  • Wa | Salad Cutlery
  • Wa | Salad Cutlery
  • Wa | Salad Cutlery

Wa | Salad Cutlery

Designed by Masuko Unayama

“I like to study the old to understand the NOW. “Monozukuri”, stories to tell, reflects my thinking. Ordinary and natural, modest ideas with a really big spirit.” Masuko Unayama

WA salad cutlery is created to bring natures materials inside, as a joyful compliment to any table setting. Wa is Japanese for harmony.

The WA salad cutlery is made of stainless steel with damped solid ash wood and rattan finish. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, and the material and manufacturing technique gives each piece unique characteristics. 

Dimensions: W9.8cm x H3.8cm x D28cm | Weight: 140g

Composition: stainless steel + damped solid ash wood + rattan finish.

Please note that colours shown on screen might differ to some extent from colours on the actual object, so we cannot guarantee a colour match.  Also the natural material used may differentiate in appearance from object to object.

Care: Only wash the cutlery by hand. The white oiled finish leaves the ash wood looking natural. Over time it will develop a natural patina, enhancing the beauty of the material. Re-oiling can be done if the wood starts to look faded or dry. Make sure to find the right white oil for wooden food interior and follow the instructions of the packaging.

Packaging: WA comes packed in a natural, simple and beautiful box that can be re-used, wrapped with a paper sleeve with a drawing of the specific design.



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