Bufala Chair | Oak Veneer | FSC® Certified Oak | Various Finishes

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl (2019)

Sleek design with an edge.

With rich wood grain, the Bufala Chair has a distinctive appearance to match its high quality, solid wood construction. The back is made with a special production technique pressing multiple layers of oak veneer in a compression mold, forming the characteristic Bufala horn shape that provides back and arm support.

As part of the NORR11 DNA, they work with natural materials with durable properties that are sourced responsibly. The majority of their wood is FSC certified and they expect all of it to be, by the end of 2024. Taking pride in offering furniture crafted from FSC-certified wood, symbolises not just quality and longevity but their support of ethical and sustainable forestry.

They use water-based lacquer for all wooden products, reducing the emission of harmful substances significantly, leading to better indoor and outdoor air quality and improved working conditions during production. The water-based lacquer is almost translucent, but protects the woods from stains.

Oak is renowned for its strength and durability. Its robust nature makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. Despite being a hardwood, oak is relatively easy to work with, facilitating detailed designs and finishes. Its ability to readily accept stains and finishes allows for a wide range of design expressions.

A hand-crafted solid oak frame, based on the NORR11 proven L2 tested NY11 Series Chair frame. The back is made of pressing 36 layers of oak veneer in a special compression mold and all finishes are made up of a water-based clear lacquer.

Wood Finish Options: Natural Oak | Light Smoked Oak | Dark Smoked Oak | Black Oak 

Wood Source: Latvia


Dimensions: W75cm x SH45.5cm x W54.5cm x D50.5cm | Armrest Height 67.5cm | Weight: 6.2kg

Optional 13 mm felt or plastic glides.

Warranty: 5 Years

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