Aer Vase | Various Sizes


Designed by Gabriel Tan

The Aer Vase combines simplicity, sculptural elegance, and functionality. Its unique rippled and asymmetrical shape is suited for both distant admiration and up-close exploration. Inspired by smoke and mist, the undulating waves of the vase mimic the spiralling movement of air. 

Crafted by skilled artisans using traditional mouth-blowing techniques, each smoke-coloured glass vase in the Aer Vase collection boasts a delicate, ethereal charm. With its tapered base and distinctive visual characteristics, this vase adds both tactile and sculptural allure to any space. Whether displaying a beautiful bouquet or standing alone, it is sure to make a statement.

Designed by Gabriel Tan 

Colour: Smoked Grey

Dimensions: H19cm x W17.5cm x D13cm | H33cm x W27cm x D13cm | H49cm x W22cm x D10.5cm

Composition: Glass



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