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  • Oak | FSC® Certified Oak | Norr11 | Various Finishes.
  • Oak | FSC® Certified Oak | Norr11 | Various Finishes.
  • Oak | FSC® Certified Oak | Norr11 | Various Finishes.
  • Oak | FSC® Certified Oak | Norr11 | Various Finishes.

Oak | Norr11 | Various Finishes

With a range of wood finishes, colours and fabrics to choose from, order free samples and swatches to decide what works best in your space.

As part of the NORR11 design DNA, they work with natural materials with durable properties that are sourced responsibly.

The majority of our wood is FSC certified and we expect all of it to be, by the end of 2024. We take pride in offering furniture crafted from FSC-certified wood, symbolising not just quality and longevity but also supporting ethical and sustainable forestry.

They use water-based lacquer for all wooden products. This choice reduces the emission of harmful substances significantly, leading to better indoor and outdoor air quality and improved working conditions during production. The water-based lacquer is almost translucent, but protects the woods from stains.

Renowned for its strength and durability, oak's robust nature makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. Despite being a hardwood, oak is relatively easy to work with, facilitating detailed designs and finishes. Its ability to readily accept stains and finishes allows for a wide range of design expressions.

At the heart of the NORR11 values is a commitment to responsibly source the materials we use, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable practices and crafting high-quality furniture.

As a trusted production partner, all their wooden furniture is produced by Kvist, renowned for their high-quality wood furniture. Since 2021, they have ensured 100% green electricity derived from renewable sources, including hydropower, wind and solar energy in their production facilities in Denmark and Latvia by using climate certificates. Furthermore, they hold ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 certifications, which represent ISO standards for occupational health and safety management systems. The wood waste from the production is turned into briquettes for heating.



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If you are an Architect, Interior Designers, or are working on a particular project, we can help and support by sourcing samples, swatches, and products, managing orders and overseeing deliveries as you require. Our experienced team are here to help throughout every stage of your project. Please call us on +44 131 374 4395 for an initial conversation, or contact us here with more details, and a member of the team will be in touch.