Black Stained Oak | Audo | Various Finishes

With a range of wood finishes, colours and fabrics to choose from, order free samples and swatches to decide what works best in your space.

Solid Oak | Black Stained | Lacquer
This wood finish is used in the Merkur Collection. Black stained solid oak with lacquer undergoes a staining process for a black surface, with a coloured varnish layer for smoothness, glossiness, and protection.

Solid Oak | Black Painted | Matt Lacquer
This wood finish is used in the Harbour, Ready Chair, and Rail. The black painted matt lacquer finish has be specially treated to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to increase durability.

Solid Oak | Black Stained | Oil
This wood finish is used in the Saxe Chair. Black-stained solid oak with an oiled finish, adds a distinctive texture to the sleek, semi-gloss surface, as well as a layer of protection against wear and moisture.

Solid Beech | Black stained | Oil 
This wood finish is used in the ML 42 collection. This black stained solid beech wood has been finished with oil to create a sleek surface and add a protective layer against wear and moisture. It is a result of a staining process that alters the wood's natural colour.

Veneer, Oak, Black, PU Lacquer
This wood finish is used in the Afteroom, The Co Chair, Harbour, and Snaregade collections, as well as the Zet Storage System. A black-stained oak veneer that has been coated with PU lacquer. This process enhances the dark tone and glossy surface, while also subtly showcasing the wood's natural veins through the polyurethane coating. The result is a textured and lustrous finish that adds depth to any surface.

Solid, Oak, Dark, Oil
This wood finish is used on the Eclipse Desk. Dark-stained oak with an oil finish enhances the colour, wood grain and finish, while allowing the inherent beauty of oak to shine through. The darker tones achieved through the staining process give a warm and inviting look while the oil finish protects against dust and damage.



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