Wick Chair | Cushion | Various Colours

Designed by Jesper Ståhl & Karl Malmwall

The Wick Chair's design was inspired by the traditional Swedish wood-chip basket, as depicted by artist Carl Larsson in his famous watercolour. This elegant solution to a practical problem pays homage to a design tradition while still remaining modern.

The Wick Chair's unique shape is a result of inheriting a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach from the country-craft tradition and solving the challenge of plaiting the seat without using excess glue. Malmvall and Ståhl expertly designed this chair, using their industry expertise to create a solution that maintains the chair's traditional roots.

The Wick Chair has been expertly designed to have a single interwoven element on each side, making it easy to glue the pieces of wood together and creating a strong bond. This simple yet functional shape, developed by Jesper Ståhl and Karl Malmvall, is a result of extensive trials and insights in working with laminated wood. Its sleek design and intentional functionality make it a highly rewarding piece of furniture.

The Wick Chair, made with either solid or laminated wood for its slender back, offers a more comfortable, warming experience. This is one of the many reasons why the chair has been chosen by Design House Stockholm, a company known for combining bold design with materials commonly used in Scandinavian design. This successful fusion of avant-garde and tradition is what sets the chair apart.

Colours: Anthracite | Beige | Black | Brown

Dimensions: L38cm x W38cm x H1cm

Composition: 100% Leather | 100% Wool

Weight: 1kg 

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