Bloom Vase Slim | Various Sizes

Introducing the Bloom Vase Slim: A Fusion of Art and Nature. Drawing inspiration from the delicate forms of flowers, the Bloom collection presents an array of ceramic vases that are not just containers but sculptural masterpieces. Each vase in the Bloom series is an elegant celebration of botanical beauty, featuring petal-like layers that seamlessly transition from one to another, capturing the essence of a blossoming flower’s life cycle. 

The Bloom vases are a contemporary nod to the floral motifs of the 1970s, reimagined with a minimalist and sophisticated flair. Their design strikes a remarkable balance between smooth, flowing curves and the precise geometry that forms their foundation, resulting in an object that captivates with its simplicity and strength. The interplay of light and shadow dances across the vases’ contours, giving them a dynamic quality that transforms throughout the day.

Embracing modern innovation, the Bloom Vase Slim edition expands the collection. Crafted from a harmonious blend of ceramic and fiber concrete, these slender vases bring a fresh perspective to the range. Each piece is meticulously glazed on the inside with a waterproof lacquer, ensuring that the Bloom is entirely waterproof and perfectly suited for displaying fresh bouquets. The exterior of each vase boasts a hand-glazed finish, contributing to a distinctive surface texture that makes every piece unique. The nuanced shades of the vases are a testament to their handcrafted nature, with slight variations in color that enhance their individuality.

With the Bloom Vase Slim, experience the seamless blend of artistry and functionality, where every detail is an ode to the natural world and an expression of refined design. 

Colour: Bone White
Dimensions: Mini: L19.5cm x W19cm x H34cm | Big: L34.5cm x W34cm x H68cm

Composition: Ceramic
Care Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth

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