Established in 2014 by architects Martin de Neergard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd, and cabinet maker Anders Thams, Moebe creates their designs in their studio workshop located on the island of Amager in Copenhagen.
Each design is carefully crafted to result in high quality pieces that are both functional and aesthetic. Their products promote a lifestyle with fewer distractions, and to join a growing movement of people who crave honesty, simplification and a need for ‘less’.


Something they think about a lot: perhaps what we really need is less – less noise, less clutter, less waste. Room to breathe, and to appreciate the small everyday moments that give meaning to our lives. 

Since 2014 they have applied this philosophy to their designs. An approach that begins with rethinking the essence of a product. What is the core function, and how can we remove the unnecessary? How can we do more with less?



With the focus on the quality of materials, attention to detail, and construction, ensuring that every design element serves a purpose. Every aspect is carefully considered and thoughtfully executed, leaving nothing without purpose, delivering products designed to be functional and durable.

Over years of sketching and prototyping, we came up with a set of principles for good design that inform everything they do. Because a great design has to do more than just look good.



 Believing that it should always be easier and cheaper to repair than to replace, the modular design ethos of their products allows them to be easily repaired should any part break. By offering spare parts for all designs, their products are not only beautifully considered but sustainable.

All products are produced with care for both the people creating them and the environment by keeping their producers close. More than 40% of production is based in Denmark and 95% of our total production takes place within the EU.



Consciousness in what they do continues in the packaging used, which is as important to them as the designs. All products arrive in cardboard-based packaging, with no lamination, protecting them through shipping process but can also be easily recycled once its job is done. And as all products are constructed from individual parts, meaning they can be packaged in their most reduced form, helps cut transport volume to an absolute minimum - ultimately reducing the shipping footprint.

With all production being EU based, all wood used in the production of their designs is FSC® and PEFC® certified, while at the same time working with the EU Ecolabel® to back up a principle commitment to sustainable sourcing and production.



At MODERN AND PRESENT we will always prioritise and support sustainability: bringing together an edit of products sourced using environmentally-friendly practices. Moebe demonstrate their commitment to sustainable sourcing and production in all they do, which is why we are excited and honoured to champion them, their approach and all they do.

With lots more to come from Moebe, we cannot wait to see what's next...