Vases play with our experience and perceptions of the flowers and plants they hold, interacting with their very nature. A vase can simply enhance a space by itself or be the vessel to the beauty of seasonal blooms, a dried flower or a scrambling succulent. 


01 /  101 Copenhagen | Bloom Vase

Imagined by soft and organic floral shapes the Bloom vase is Elegantly sculpted with a smoothly curved surface. Contrasted by a strong underlying geometry and a play of shadows that change your experience of the vase throughout the day, according to the direction of the light.



02 /   Audo Copenhagen | Collapse Vase

Created to mimic the fluid drapes of fabric, the Collapse vase has a soft, contemporary expression. Whether dressed with a classic cluster of roses or paired with a single dried stem, this ceramic vase lends sculptural beauty to any modern spaces, with or without an organic partner.



03 /    101 Copenhagen | Kabin Fat Vase

The Kabin vase is inspired by the classical, simple forms found in Japanese craftsmanship. With the same stability and complexities of a traditional Japanese tea bowl: an oval-shaped body resting on top of a small foot or pedestal, elevating the classic form. A love story between Japanese and Scandinavian traditions, creating the simplest statement vase to hold the boldest of bouquets.



04 /    Ferm Living | Moire Vase 

With a name derived from the French word for ’watered’, a moiré pattern represents a graphic effect that occurs when the organic and geometrical clash. The Moire vase has been created from the most digital of origins, resulting in thin layers of 3D printed clay, which forms a subtle pattern across the body of the vase. Contrasts from inception to finale: bold and contemporary to delicate and organic.



05 /     Audo Copenhagen | Aer Vase 

The Aer vase combines simplicity, sculptural elegance, and functionality. Its unique rippled and asymmetrical shape inspired by smoke and mist. The undulating waves of glass mimic the spiralling movement of air. Crafted by skilled artisans using traditional mouth-blowing techniques, each vase boasts a delicate, ethereal charm. This vase adds both tactile and sculptural allure to any space. Whether displaying the beauty of long stems cascading or standing alone, it is sure to make a statement.