Ffern, a natural fragrance maker based in Somerset, was born out of a simple vision to restore perfumery to its artisan roots. With this in mind, Ffern creates fragrances that are organic, vegan and made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. Working with the rhythms of the seasons, they perfectly blend, barrel-age and bottle four unique fragrances a year, released at the equinox and solstice.

François Robert and Elodie Durande are the noses behind each fragrance at Ffern. Together with Owen Mears, the founder of Ffern, and his sister Emily Cameron, the Creative Director, the team conceive and develop the seasonal scents. 

Ffern believe that today, perfume’s artisan past has been forgotten. The industry is dominated by a handful of cosmetics giants who own multiple brands, and mass manufacture their fragrance on a global scale. Carefully sourced natural ingredients and independent artistic expression have been abandoned in favour of cheap chemicals and market forces.

Ffern take a fresh approach to perfumery, and to perfume making.

It’s all driven by a simple goal: better perfume.

Co-founder Emily, took on the challenge of the MAP STORES 10 Questions. We loved Emily's words, which make the Ffern philosophy all make sense.



1. What has brought you to where you currently are in your life?

I have always pursued roles which allow for creativity. While working as the Editor at TOAST, I told the stories of artists and makers, created concepts for seasonal themes and developed our first podcast - all of these experiences have fed directly into my work at Ffern, which I founded with my brother Owen. 

We grew up just along the lane from an organic herb farm, so these beautiful scents were the background to our childhood (and in fact that same herb garden is the direct inspiration for our Autumn 22 fragrance, launching in September!). This made perfume the obvious path for Owen and I to follow.


Painting: 'Natura morta Conchiglie' by Giorgio Morandi⁠


2. Who or what influences you, and why?

Colour in paintings. The lyrics in folk songs. Classic novels - I’m currently reading The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I like to read words that touch on our short time in this world and how best to live it.


3. When you are not working where will we find you?

By the sea.


4. What is your all-time favourite trend/style?

Ticking stripe.



5. What inspires you about where you live?

The gradients of the fields, how they roll into one another. They create the most beautiful, far reaching views.



6. Describe your dream home.

A river at the bottom of the garden with a jetty and small rowing boat.


7. When working on a new project, how do you overcome fears or challenges?

Just begin. Always take that difficult first step. The second one is inevitably easier.



8. What is your greatest accomplishment to date and what do you still want to accomplish?

Growing a wonderful team. Everyone at Ffern is so passionate about what we do and the philosophy behind us. We feel very lucky to be working with them.



9. If you could collaborate with anyone (past or present), who would it be?

Vita Sackville-West. I would have loved to have walked with her through Sissinghurst and to have collaborated on a floral scent.


10. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Always see the funny side.



Thank you for sharing your words with us Emily x